Meet our alpacas

Introducing you to the newest members of our team

Located at the bottom of the car park in their brand new enclosure live our alpacas, Dotty, Rosie & Ayda.

Our 3 alpacas were born and raised on a farm in Tewkesbury and were part of their breeding program. In the last few years they had chosen naturally not to breed and in doing so have now retired to live out the rest of their days with us.

They are very inquisitive animals however they still like to keep their distance and contrary to popular belief, they very rarely spit, especially at humans. They tend to only spit when another alpaca/human gets in the way of their food (I think we can all relate to this!)


Named after our pub " the Rosie," is the leader of the herd, and is a huacaya ( pronounced wah-KI-ya) alpaca.
She is always the first in the morning to come and have her breakfast and has been caught on a few occasions eating apples from the 2 apple trees at the rear of the paddock.
Rosie also loves having a shower with the hose when the weather is warm.


Dotty, the oldest of our alpacas (born June 2011) is the friendliest and most outgoing of the group.
Dotty is also a huacaya and just like Rosie, she has to be sheared once a year around May/June.

Alpacas tend to live up to 20 years old and must be kept in groups of at least 3 as they are herd animals.
If alpacas feel in danger they will either make a noise similar to a donkey, or will let out a scream to alert the herd and fend off the danger.


Ayda is our only Siri alpaca. Not only does she have a different coat that need to be sheared every 2 years, but she also has a different temperament.
Ayda tends to be a little unsociable and is very protective over her food. So much so she often bends her neck back which is an indication she is about to spit at another alpaca.
Ayda loves a roll around in the dirt creating a dust bath.
Ayda is a champion award winning alpaca, and was shown by her previous owners at many county fairs including Bath & West show in which she won 2015.

Learn more about our alpacas and see them in action

Our 3 little ladies are very popular on “the socials” so much so they even have their own TikTok.

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